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asap/ is a collaborative design practice founded in 2007 in Buffalo, New York, USA, with a second office located in Los Angeles. We seek to identify and advance design opportunities to develop the art and craft of design at all scales — from tableware to entire cities, while also reinterpreting and re-energizing programmatic imperatives. Our work is devoted to understanding and contributing to existing cultural and architectural contexts while deploying advanced design and construction technology in ways appropriate to contemporary life.

Our design team comprises a talented group of professionals from diverse backgrounds with advanced professional degrees. We frequently collaborate with some of the world’s top specialist consultants in fields such as engineering, water features, and lighting design.

Adam Sokol is a graduate of Columbia and Yale universities and has also studied at Harvard University and the Université-Paris IV Sorbonne. He was visiting assistant professor of architecture at the State University of New York, Buffalo for 2006-11. His work has been featured in The New York Times and publications by Rizzoli among others, and has been exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York. He is a registered architect in the States of New York and California, and a member of the American Institute of Architects.


asap/ adam sokol architecture practice pllc

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+1 716 235 8082

530 South Hewitt Street Suite 535
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For media inquiries please contact:



We are currently seeking a full-time architectural designer to be based in our Los Angeles office. Candidates should have strong design and graphic skills, an M.Arch. or equivalent degree, and should be eligible to work in the United States. Please submit a cv and portfolio in pdf format, not exceeding 10mb, to: jobs@asap.pro


We are always seeking full- and part-time interns in both Buffalo and Los Angeles.

For consideration please submit a cv and portfolio in pdf format to interns@asap.pro